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Donation conditions, return and cancellation policy




The donation conditions below apply to every online donation made via the website of Stichting Stadsnomade. The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 71662731 and is located at Hertogsingel 5 in Maastricht. The postal address of the foundation is Hertogsingel 5 6211 NC Maastricht. Stichting Stadsnomade reserves the right to change the donation conditions in the meantime. Only Dutch law applies to the donation and these donation conditions. 


Rights and obligations of Stichting Stadsnomade 

Every payment made via the website of Stichting Stadsnomade by a donor, fully benefits the objectives of Stichting Stadsnomade. Stichting Stadsnomade takes appropriate measures to secure the transfer of data. Persons authorized to take cognizance of this data on behalf of the Stadsnomade Foundation are bound to observe secrecy. 


Rights and obligations of the donor  

The donor cannot derive any rights from a donation other than that the Stadsnomade Foundation will use the donation to achieve its communicated objectives. The donor will make the donation with resources that he/she has access to and control over.  


Return and cancellation policy donations 

If the donor has questions about the donation or wants to request a refund of the donation, the donor can contact us via the contact form or via the other contact details on this website. Stichting Stadsnomade strives to refund this payment to the donor within a few working days. An authorization issued by the donor for a recurring payment can be canceled at any time by sending a message via the contact form or via the other contact details on this website. Stichting Stadsnomade will then process this cancellation in the administration of the management center of Mollie. 


transaction costs

 Payment provider Mollie is responsible for the settlement of transactions via this website. Mollie charges transaction costs for transactions. Stichting Stadsnomade is not liable for the services provided by Mollie. With a donation, someone can contribute to the transaction costs. The exact transaction costs depend on the amount donated and/or the payment method. 

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