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In consultation with future users, Stichting Stadsnomade wants to transform an area of about 1500 m2 into a multifunctional, inclusive and sustainable sports and recreation park for the practice of contemporary street sports.

This park, with the working name Urban Oasis, will activate dozens to hundreds of visitors daily. New high-quality sports and recreation facilities will be created here, such as an indoor skate park, a breakdance area and a 3x3 street basketball court: clean, whole, safe and wheelchair accessible. In addition, we see bouldering-climbing elements at this spot, as well as facilities for practising parkour/freerunning, slackline, calisthenics and boot camp. All combined in one central location.

Urban Oasis

I have learned a lot from the skateboard scene myself: the stubbornness, doing things together, developing together, sharing knowledge, the multidisciplinary nature of the sport. It goes way beyond sports.

Jeroen van Eggermond, Nine Yards Skateparks

Besides street sports facilities, with Urban Oasis we are making space for the contemporary urban arts & culture scene in Maastricht.

Bottom-up we create a meeting place and breeding ground for (young) people and makers in the urban arts. The making and experiencing of young, urban cultural expressions of music, dance, visual arts, performing arts and eventually also educational forms are the red thread here. the red thread.

Learning, creating, sharing, meeting and experimenting in a place where youth and community are leading. Young people and their communities are (as much as possible) the owners of space and programming. Urban oasis is an affordable and accessible facility where it bustles. With attention to a positive impact on the neighbourhood and the city, we ensure that there is activity in a transformation area.

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